Monday, January 26, 2009

Posting Your TraVerus Business In Forums

Posting in Forums are really like posting small billboards with your advertising message all over the internet, with the traffic going to your lead capture page.

Posting In Forums to advertise your Traverus business will require that you are using a lead capture system.

For recommendations on lead capture systems that you can use, please refer to your upline, who will advise you on the best method to use.

I use a custom built lead capture page - In my studies, I have found that replicated lead capture pages do not get recognized by the search engines, however, they are still effective when used with Free classified advertising, and for forums.

How NOT to use Forums to advertise your TraVerus business...

DO NOT SPAM the forums with your offer. It is highly offensive, and can get you banned.

Do get involved in the discussions, and all of your advertising will be done in your signature link.

I will post a video on how to set up your forum signature - it's not very hard to do at all.

One forum that I highly recommend -

This is a great place to get started, look for the Traverus folder and introduce yourself!

Forums are a great way to form relationships, get answers to questions about SEO, Marketing, Blogging, and of course travel related questions are always answered quickly.
Alecia Barnes

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